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The evolution of the internet can be divided into consistent periods or generations that group a technological paradigm. We all have heard the terms Web1, Web2 and most recently Web3 when talking about the history of the Web (I’ll go into detail on all of them in just a bit). These terms represent a holistic […]

It’s easy for things to get lost in translation. We learn this as kids when we play the telephone game – where a sentence is whispered from one person to another. In the course of the game, either because we misheard something or felt like we could make it more concise and still get the […]

As a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) who primarily works with entrepreneurs and early-stage startups to help them build their MVPs, my firsthand experiences with the transformative impact of artificial intelligence (AI) has reshaped my perception and approach to the role of a CTO. Embarking on this journey as an AI-enabled CTO, I have embraced a […]

Last week, I attended Figma’s annual design conference, Figma Config, to learn about all the innovative updates they’re bringing to the platform. As a senior UX/UI designer with added experience in visual design content and web development, I’m used to pushing Figma to its limit to help drive projects forward. At Altar, Figma is an essential […]

If you’re an entrepreneur beginning your tech startup journey, you’ve probably heard the terms Agile and Scrum get thrown around. They’re often used interchangeably – which can cause a lot of confusion if you’re new to the two methodologies. Having spent the last three years as a Scrum Master, I’ve seen first-hand how daunted early-stage […]

Which is better for my startup, React or Angular? This is a question I’m often asked by both developers and entrepreneurs as part of my work as the Lead frontend developer at It’s also a question I see a lot online. I have a wealth of experience using both of these frameworks since the […]

Recently, SpaceX launched Starlink in Portugal. So, naturally, I got one for Altar as soon as the pre-orders opened. A couple of weeks ago, the sleek satellite dish finally arrived. In no time at all, a couple of devs from my team and I had unboxed it and set it up in the garden outside […]

During my career, I’ve seen dozens of SRS documents for projects ranging in size using both agile and waterfall development methodologies Some were better than others, but critically, I can now easily spot a good one, from one that will get ignored. And if no one reads your SRS you will be left with problems […]

As CTO at, a large part of my work revolves around observing the forward-looking industry trends (including fintech trends) that affect how we create innovative products. The fintech industry is experiencing a paradigm shift across multiple vertices of the technology spectrum, which has been accelerated by the Coronavirus pandemic. This has sparked a series of […]

As I write these words we’ve just passed one million known infected with COVID-19 and the economies of the “advanced” world are certainly going into a recession (two quarters of negative growth). In a globalised world physically connected by just over 100,000 flights per day, contagious disease populates the world in a matter of weeks. […]