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This is João Ferrão dos Santos. For the last decade, he’s spent his time building, mentoring and funding startups. His journey includes raising an impressive €45M for his venture capital fund, Mustard Seed Maze. But it’s his latest venture, Aisthetics Apparel, that has him hitting headlines. He boldly appointed GPT4 as its CEO – a decision that reaped big […]

The startup journey is all about making sure all the pieces fit together seamlessly. You begin with Product-Market Fit (PMF), ensuring a demand for your product. Then, you delve into Product-Channel Fit, ensuring a smooth delivery to customers. Next, Channel-Business Model Fit becomes crucial, aligning how you sell your product with your revenue model. Lastly, […]

Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Sir Richard Branson, Steve Jobs.  What do all these successful entrepreneurs all have in common?  They never stop learning.  The hunger to learn new skills and strategies that drive your entrepreneurial journey to the next milestone is essential for any entrepreneur.  As I’m sure you know, trying to find time to […]

Navigating the complex world of startup accelerators or even discerning if the model suits your needs, can be a daunting task that leaves you feeling swamped. I experienced this challenge firsthand when embarking on my own entrepreneurial path. You can read about my journey here if you’d like more insight. Several aspects must be considered when evaluating […]

The internet is full of entrepreneurial platforms geared towards helping you succeed. From networking to educational resources, you’re spoilt for choice. And that’s before you start looking into the tools out there to help you get through each day efficiently and effectively.  But, as you start your entrepreneurial journey, which platforms should you be looking at? And […]

You’re here so that means you’re considering a lean approach to develop your MVP. That’s a great first step. But lean product development methodologies alone won’t cut it into today’s entrepreneurial landscape. I know this because over the last ten years I’ve built my own startup (which crashed and burned), worked on dozens of MVPs […]

Product adoption stands as a pivotal factor determining success or stagnation for startups. For founders, the journey from conceptualisation to market adoption is not just a phase but a pivotal make-or-break moment that defines the impact on growth over time. It’s not just about introducing a novel solution; it’s about ensuring that the market embraces […]

Every entrepreneur is a life-long learner. And that’s not just because you have the mindset for it. You don’t have a choice. New challenges appear every day and you need to learn and figure out how to solve them. That’s true for you, as it is for any one of my founders here at They […]

The due diligence of choosing the right accelerator or incubator for your startup is a process I experienced firsthand when I built my first startup. As with many other things on that journey, I made mistakes. And I learned the hard way just how important it is to do proper due diligence. For now, I […]

Think about someone you know. A family member, a friend, a colleague. I’ll bet that at some point you’ve heard that person say something like: ” there aren’t enough hours in the day.” For an entrepreneur that’s an everyday rule. Marketing. Product Development. That quick chat but turned into an hour-long meeting. Remembering to eat.  […]