HUTSI > The Marketing Automation AI Tool We’re Creating From Head to Toe

Are you sure you’re being relevant every time you engage with your Customers/Leads? When we think about the future of marketing we must immediately think about being 100% relevant. Utopia or not, the brands nailing the marketing automation today are already highly relevant to their customers because they deliver the right content at the rightRead More >>

The Well-Performing Digital Team for your Agile Projects

Great! You’re adopting an agile methodology for your digital project, but you don’t know what’s the best structure and what are the characteristics of an effective team capable of executing and delivering in time with great quality. Very often we hear someone speaking about the greater advantages of the Agile philosophy when compared to the “traditional”Read More >>

Powerful Analytics tool for Angular applications: Angulartics2

We’ve created the open source library Angulartics2 to plug into your Angular single page app (SPA) for analytics integration. It allows you to do event tracking and it is ready to integrate with Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Kissmetrics, Mixpanel, Piwik, Segment, Baidu Analytics and Facebook Pixel.   Problem Most analytics providers do not automatically trackRead More >>

What’s the Best Way to Build Your Startup? CTO, Freelancers, Agency?

You have a brilliant idea for a Startup, you want to build the app/software but you can’t code. You have 4 options: Learn how to code Find “The CTO” Hire developers Outsource with an agency I’ve been in this situation for more than once. I’ve co-founded +7 startups before creating and I’m not a developer, so I’ve triedRead More >>