Recent Works
Find a few examples of our latest projects where we've been carefully delivering product development, UX / UI and software development.
Synapse is an AI system that produces real-time Brick and Mortar creditworthiness insights based on performance data.
Teezler is an online community to ask and answer any question about beauty topics.
Hutsi is a cross-platform marketing automation & analytics tool crafted for the FMCG industry.
District Tech
District is a platform allowing access to location-centric services and activities around office spaces.
Venga! is a markeplace for peer-to-peer events in private venues.
Prestigia is a high-end online travel agency.

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Our Open Source Projects

We are great evangelizers of open source and we are glad to collaborate with the OS community. Here are some projects we've created and in which we are collaborating:

Loopback Next

9k Git Stars
Participation: External Collaborator
We were proudly invited by Strongloop IBM and joined the team that will be creating the next version of loopback framework, fully rewritten in typescript and openAPi centered.


23k Downloads / Month
Participation: Leader
We’ve created the library Angulartics2 to plug into your Angular single page app (SPA) for analytics integration. It allows you to do event tracking and it is ready to integrate with Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Kissmetrics, Mixpanel, Piwik, Segment, Baidu Analytics and Facebook Pixel.

Loopback sdk Builder

265 Git Stars
Participation: Collaborator
The LoopBack SDK Builder will explore your LoopBack Application and will automatically build everything you need to start writing your Angular 2 Applications right away. From Interfaces and Models to API Services and Real-time communications.

Angular Starter (AngularClass)

8.2k Git Stars
Participation: External Collaborator
An Angular starter based on webpack.

ngx Scrollspy

1k Downloads/month
Participation: Leader
An Angular2 service to spy scroll events from window or any other scrollable element.

Loopback Include Through Mixin

+100 Downloads/month
Participation: Leader
A Loopback mixin to enable including model properties.

Loopback Set Through Properties Mixin

+50 Downloads/month
Participation: Leader
A Loopback mixin to enable setting through model properties.

Loopback Multiple Emails & Phones Mixin

+50 Downloads/month
Participation: Leader
A loopback mixin to overwrite base User model to work with multiple emails and phone numbers.

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