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Recent Examples

Here are some examples of projects we worked on over the last few months. This will help you understand how pricing can vary depending on factors like size and complexity.
Community Management platform

3 months

An MVP for a Q&A platform for the beauty industry.

Arts Marketplace

2 months

Marketplace built to serve the specific needs of an Art’s niche.

API Middleware Connector

5 months

Software to seamlessly integrate several different third parties in a drag and drop interface.

Proptech Cloud

6 months

Artificial Intelligence tool that analyses several data-points related to a certain geographic area (down to a street granularity) and outputs the forward-looking value of real estate assets (by category – residential/ commercial – type – compound/ villa/ flat – and size – 1/ 2/ n bedrooms) in that area.


2.5 months

An MVP for a complex AI tool that analyses public rules on securities and advises front-office bankers on their sales choices towards the different client’s profiles.

Social Network Mobile App

3 months

A gamified fandom centric community where humans can engage in a closer and richer way.

Massive Data Ingestion System

5 months

A robust system constantly ingesting ~5TB of new data per day, keeping consistency and allowing immediate queries to all the data set.

MAdTech Platform

4 months

SaaS for FMCGs to create & manage integrated complex online and offline promotion campaigns, reaching each customer in an (almost) personalised way.

How We Get to Our Pricing

We have a lean, user-centric approach to product innovation and software development. This, combined with top industry talent, means our small focused teams deliver projects on time and on budget.
Learn more about our Seed Program
Learn more about our Structured Process

Seed Project Explained

Our Seed program is a purpose-agnostic app with a highly modular microservices architecture composed by a group of components that, when combined, can be the foundation of a project. With the seed in place, the project starts with ~50% of the code already done, while we can focus on developing the CORE: custom functionalities and all the interfaces.

Seed Modules

Most of the projects have a common ground, a list of functionalities / modules that are always necessary: i.e. email services, signup with email / social networks, recover passwords, email validation fluxes, etc. That is exactly what the seed covers.

Our Services Have a Proven Structured Process

Building great products needs deep business insight, and a very structured process, that’s why we’re driven by process.

Product Scope

A Structured 7-day Process to align your product vision with your business goals.


Design an engaging product that is easy-to-use, attractive and functional.

MVP Builder

Go to market quickly with a high-quality Minimum Viable Product.

Dedicated Teams

Build your product with a dedicated team of developers.

Get a dedicated proposal in a couple of days

Book a call with us and we'll guide you through a structured process to assess the right list of features for your product. You'll be driven through this process by product experts, not business developers or account owners.

Talk with a Product Expert

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