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When building a startup, you have many options for software development. Whether you hire a team of developers, outsource to an agency, or find a CTO. While all of these options are viable, if you find a CTO with the right tech expertise, you’ll have gained a key player to help you succeed. But remember, if you pick […]

Building a startup! You have an epiphany and say to yourself: This is a great idea! How didn’t anyone think of it before? I have to build it! Now! Fair enough but, as I’m sure you’ve heard, there are many hurdles that can lead to startup failure if you’re not careful — and you want to be among the founders that avoid […]

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You’re here so that means you’re considering a lean approach to develop your MVP. That’s a great first step. But lean product development methodologies alone won’t cut it into today’s entrepreneurial landscape. I know this because over the last ten years I’ve built my own startup (which crashed and burned), worked on dozens of MVPs […]

Product adoption stands as a pivotal factor determining success or stagnation for startups. For founders, the journey from conceptualisation to market adoption is not just a phase but a pivotal make-or-break moment that defines the impact on growth over time. It’s not just about introducing a novel solution; it’s about ensuring that the market embraces […]

Every entrepreneur is a life-long learner. And that’s not just because you have the mindset for it. You don’t have a choice. New challenges appear every day and you need to learn and figure out how to solve them. That’s true for you, as it is for any one of my founders here at They […]

Trying to hire developers for your startup is one of the biggest challenges faced by startup founders. The task is made even more daunting by the fact that only 2.1% of professional developers are unemployed and actively seeking work. Before we dive into the list of the 12 best websites to hire developers for your startup, […]

The due diligence of choosing the right accelerator or incubator for your startup is a process I experienced firsthand when I built my first startup. As with many other things on that journey, I made mistakes. And I learned the hard way just how important it is to do proper due diligence. For now, I […]

Choosing a technical co-founder is one of the most important decisions you’ll make as an entrepreneur.  And the fact is, there’s no secret playbook, and sometimes the perfect match appears in the weirdest place.  I usually mention an example from a really smart entrepreneur I got to know a few months ago, Jan-Philipp Kruip, the founder […]