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When building a startup, you have many options for software development. Whether you hire a team of developers, outsource to an agency, or find a CTO. While all of these options are viable, if you find a CTO with the right tech expertise, you’ll have gained a key player to help you succeed. But remember, if you pick […]

Building a startup! You have an epiphany and say to yourself: This is a great idea! How didn’t anyone think of it before? I have to build it! Now! Fair enough but, as I’m sure you’ve heard, there are many hurdles that can lead to startup failure if you’re not careful — and you want to be among the founders that avoid […]

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In today’s digital world, consumers are more discerning than ever. Bad user experience, or a product that simply misses the mark, will lead your users to flock to your competitors in a heartbeat. The best way to avoid that nightmare is to focus on your product from the get-go. It’s something we advocate at Altar, and […]

As a business person without the tech skills to build an MVP, it can be tempting to look for a software development partner as soon as possible. It’s a common trap that many entrepreneurs fall into. But, before even thinking about development,  you should be focussing on your product reasoning. It’s like entrepreneur and product […]

Launching a startup is a huge undertaking that will test your personal and professional relationships to the limit. Something serial entrepreneur and startup founder Garrett Gafke knows a thing or two about. He pioneered the digital identity industry when he founded his startup IdentityMind back in 2011.  After achieving over $21M in funding, and solidifying its place as an […]

If you’re reading this, chances are that you’re about to take the first step in turning your business vision into a reality by building an MVP. You’ve probably heard that a short time to market is essential if you’re to succeed – which is why you chose to build a lean, user-centric MVP. After all, in […]

If you’re reading this, most likely you want to build a marketplace that brings real disruption to your sector. The truth is, like with most things, there is no secret recipe that will guarantee your success. However, there is a structured process that can significantly reduce your chances of failure. Contents 1. Choose a Viable […]

In today’s business landscape, startups are notoriously hard to get off the ground – and the numbers back this up. High startup failure rate is the result of many factors, some structural, some circumstantial. No market need. Ran out of cash. Not the right team. A mistimed product. Poor marketing… The list goes on. Today’s article is […]