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Covid-19 in The Age of Technology and The Homo Deus - The Beatles Social Distancing Abbey Road
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Covid-19 in The Age of Technology and The Homo Deus

As I write these words we’ve just passed one million known infected with COVID-19 and the economies of the “advanced” world are certainly going into a recession (two quarters of negative growth). In a globalised world physically connected by just over 100,000 flights per day, contagious disease populates the world…
André Lopes
April 6, 2020
Discoverability and monetization are the roots of the marketplace
Startup Advice

The Future of Marketplaces is Here – The 2020s & The Passion Economy

The future of marketplaces is unknown. However, the rise of the Passion Economy could be an opportunity to create marketplaces with passion-driven verticals. “Civilization was born out of the need to fulfil one’s needs” through others… — Vargas Llosa “The next decade will be about passions, not gigs.” — Li Jin Discoverability and Monetization…
André Lopes
January 22, 2020
Startup Advice

The Startup MVP Development Process from A-Z

Developing a Minimum Viable Product has quickly become the industry standard for startups to ensure they build a user-centric product with a quick time-to-market.  Part of the Lean methodology, an MVP is defined as:  “The version of a new product that allows you and your team to collect the maximum…
André Lopes
December 25, 2019