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Ovvio is a peer-to-peer knowledge-sharing platform where “Knowledge Seekers” can get in touch with the right “Knowledge Giver” that has the right experience and wisdom to answer their questions. Givers have a direct channel to monetise their knowledge and wisdom just by sharing it with Seekers on peer-to-peer dynamics.


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Inability to Share Valuable Knowledge

On one side people want to connect to Givers where information derived from learned experiences is difficult to access in a quick and efficient manner. On the other hand, Givers have a large amount of valuable learned knowledge and wisdom that they can’t monetise because they don’t have a channel to do so.


A Direct Channel to Share Knowledge

Ovvio is a peer-to-peer marketplace that allows real-time relevant knowledge and wisdom sharing. In Ovvio whenever someone has a question they will have an on-demand expert ready to reply

The Challenges
Matching people correctly
The core value proposition for the seeker is based on Time and Efficacy, so it is fundamental that: The NLP system makes the right query and has the correct taxonomy Match the seeker with the right giver to meet the efficacy This match must be quick to meet the time promised The match must be, not only fast but effortless to meet good UX product standards
Reducing Adoption Friction
By focusing on one or two areas of knowledge, the product is more likely to gain traction because it’s more likely to deliver a lot of value in specific matters. This will be perceived as overdelivering and it should promote organic growth.
Acquisition of Givers vs Seekers
Surveys show more interest from Givers than seekers, so we cannot make seekers wait. The initial approach is to first engage with seekers, then understand the expertises they need and then find givers.
Avoiding Fraud
Users can only create an account via Facebook + phone number to reduce fake accounts, this will reduce fraud both for giver and seeker
The Process
Product Scope
We focused on the business vision and created a comprehensive brief for the project by gathering all the research on the market, competitor benchmarks and any other necessary information. Then we met with the client in an immersive session to craft a value proposition and set the main assumptions to prove. Finally, we created the ultimate list of user stories and features necessary to prove those main assumptions within the MVP.
Key Screens
We started by creating the most important screens for the product. This allowed the client to see exactly how the product will look. After a few iterations on the UX/UI, Ovvio's founders approved the design.
All Screens UX/UI
Once the key screens were approved, we extended the design to the remaining screens and delivered the full product UX/UI.
Full Development
With the decisions closed in the previous steps, we went on developing the product through agile cycles.
Key Features
Query System
Matchmaking through an NLP and taxonomy system to understand the user’s main intent and secondary intent. Scoring all the available givers (by availability, expertise in query with an additional query on giver description text, overall rating and rating in the session about the main intent) and connecting the seeker with the right giver.
Video Call
Video call feature with market trend functionalities and a “charge per second” system.
Queuing System
Matches between seekers and givers are a combination of a push and a pulling flow. In push flow, the seeker enters a waiting room where the giver can ask additional questions. In the pulling flow, the seeker asks a question to the community and givers can join the call if they have knowledge on the matter.

Shaalin Tandon


Altar.io is impressive in that they did not see themselves as a service provider. They actually donned the hat of a co-founder and treated the project in the same manner as us. It was truly admirable to see that they put their own business development efforts secondary to the success of our startup

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