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André Lopes

Andre has a wealth of experience in the Startup scene, having created Table & Friends, a social restaurant reservation system back in 2011. Since the start of, he’s been involved in helping clients in a broad range of sectors such as Marketplaces, Travel and Education.

Startup Advice

8 Steps to Follow to Build a Successful Marketplace

If you’re reading this, most likely you want to build a marketplace that brings real disruption to your sector. The truth is, like with most things, there is no secret recipe that will guarantee your success. However, there is a structured process that can significantly reduce your chances of failure. …
André Lopes
July 23, 2021
Passion Economy Marketplace Example – Podcasting from Home
Startup Advice

15 Passion Economy Subscription Marketplace Ideas

“You are never a commodity when you are being yourself” A few months ago  I wrote about the latest instalment of the web mimicking real-life:  The Passion Economy Marketplace. Within the article, I discussed how it brings local artisans to a global audience – and how that relates to “Homo…
André Lopes
October 19, 2020
Covid-19 in The Age of Technology and The Homo Deus - The Beatles Social Distancing Abbey Road
Tech Knowledge

Covid-19 in The Age of Technology and The Homo Deus

As I write these words we’ve just passed one million known infected with COVID-19 and the economies of the “advanced” world are certainly going into a recession (two quarters of negative growth). In a globalised world physically connected by just over 100,000 flights per day, contagious disease populates the world…
André Lopes
April 6, 2020