Forbes Highlights’s Impact on the Portuguese Business Landscape

Rui Lourenço

4 March 2022

Forbes has just released its country report from March 2022 and it’s all about Europe’s westernmost country, Portugal. 

And it’s certainly interesting to see our CEO and co-founder, Daniel, on the cover, alongside the Portuguese President and a host of other leaders from the Portuguese landscape.

Daniel on the cover of Forbes magazine

The report focuses on the market potential that Portugal presents, which is far larger than the 10.4M people on its mainland. Portugal also acts as a gateway to a global market of around 250M people in lusophone countries like Brazil and Mozambique, to name but two. 

This offers numerous advantages for investment from overseas. And that’s without taking into consideration the number of government programmes that have been introduced to remove some of the red tape for entrepreneurs and business leaders to set up shop here. 

Then there’s the thriving startup ecosystem that’s developed here. Portugal has seen seven startups achieve unicorn status since 2015 – four in the last year alone.

In 2016, the capital, Lisbon, became the official home of WebSummit

Last year saw the launch of Beato Living Lab Creative Hub, spearheaded by Startup Lisboa and Lisbon City Council. The Hub has been created to support the development of new technologies and services that promote sustainability and establish good practices to mitigate the impact of climate change. 

Not to mention the countless companies from all over the world setting up their tech hubs in Lisbon, Porto, Aveiro or Braga.

All in all, it’s easy to understand why Forbes decided to focus this report on Portugal.

And since Altar is not only a player in the tech industry, but is helping to shape that industry with a strong open-source presence and award-winning projects with entrepreneurs worldwide, we were more than happy to accept Forbes’ invitation to be present in the report.

In the interview, Daniel talked about how far we’ve come since our launch in 2015. 

He talked about our vision for the future – to democratise our product development process to help benefit entrepreneurs in both the Portuguese and global startup ecosystem. 

While it was humbling to be included among the ranks of people like the President of Portugal, it also shows us that we’re fulfilling the mission we set out to achieve six years ago: 

Not to simply write top quality code but to help entrepreneurs and business managers build successful products/businesses. 

This is what helped us secure great clients like Coca-Cola. Or to help amazing entrepreneurial teams like the Swiss RegTech Apiax build products that raised millions – like most of our clients do – and are conquering Europe and the World.

Both for them and the thousands of people whose lives will be improved by having better solutions to their problems.

And we’re only just getting started.

Click here to see the full PDF report (Jump to page 12 to see Daniel’s interview!)

Thanks for reading 

Rui Lourenço
Partner & CMO
Rui is a partner and CMO at He’s been dedicated to B2B marketing for his entire professional career. After spending eight years honing his craft at Portugal’s first B2B marketing agency, he joined Altar, where he leads both the marketing and sales department under the same umbrella. His current focus is on business strategy, getting to know Altar’s customers and occasional early-stage strategy discussions with the entrepreneurs we work with.

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