The List of Most Active 150 Fintech Investors

We wonder why no one has ever shared a comprehensive list of Fintech investors.

As you may know we’ve been operating in the fintech sector for the last couple of years and in the first days we struggled to understand who should we contact at which stage, that is why we’re glad to share with you our list public contacts of c. 150 Fintech investors we’ve met, with all the meaningful information for you to create your wishlist and then go to battle (NAME, LINK , INVESTOR TYPE, INVESTMENT STAGE, LOCATION, COUNTRY, FOUNDING YEAR, # EXITS / # INVESTMENTS, EMAIL, PHONE, LINK ON CRUNCHBASE, FINTECH PORTFOLIO).

Sure you know nothing replaces personal intros from people you have in common with associates and partners in the best VC’s that can vouch for you; So my suggestion is that you preferably find your 1st or 2nd connections on Linkedin and ask for intros to a number of firms the listed specialized investors in Fintech, otherwise you can use the general contacts in the list to contact them directly (as you can understand we cannot share the direct contacts).

Here you can access >150 between Angel Investors, VCs and Private Equity Funds: Get access to Altar’s Full List of Fintech Investors.

Hopefully this might save you time in the cumbersome process of browsing the net to figure out who can be a good funds source for your prominent venture in the Finance sector.

Some aggregations

Geographical Presence

In the Global Picture and as expected, most of the Institutional Investors are based in US and UK. In the EMEA Region (Europe, Middle East and North Africa), Germany, Switzerland and Sweden are worth to be mentioned, with 5%, 3%, 3% of the Fintech Institutional Investors.
In the APAC Region (Asia Pacific), Singapore stands up with 4.5% of the Investors.

Stage Focus

The majority of the Fintech Institutional Investors covers both the Early and Late Stage investment rounds (68%).

Performance (in terms of n. Exits over n. of total Investments)

This statistic, for obvious reasons, has been performed on UK and US Fintech Institutional Investors only.
Good performances have been achieved in both of the Countries, with US standing one step ahead with respect to UK.
Here below you have a breakdown of the Investors with their statistical position in terms of performance.

Good Luck!