Named Leading B2B Company by

Rui Lourenço

20 October 2019

It’s a great day here at Altar. We were named one of the leading B2B companies in Clutch’s latest Western European award list.

After being nominated a Leading IT Business Services Company in’s 2019 Awards, it feels amazing to stand out among so many excellent tech agencies once again.

The always kind Clutch team puts it this way: “based on your strong reviews and ability to deliver, it’s clear that your company goes above and beyond for your clients.”

We really appreciate those words. And it touches an underlying truth. We go above and beyond for our clients because we love working with them.

We feel privileged to get to know these amazing people and help them on their journey. And I think it shows:

Altar - What is Saying has some of the most interesting and future-ready FinTech initiatives with a clear focus to provide solutions that are relevant, critical and pragmatic in nature. 

With a number of “use cases” designed and implemented across most the financial services functions, they are certainly a “one to watch” with interesting synapses to support the transformation of this most global (but also fairly traditional) industry.

Claudio Scardovi, Global Head of Financial Services, AlixPartners

Thank you, Claudio

Altar - What is Saying

With the MVP developed with, we won a pilot project with a global financial institution. The other success story was that we were able to put together a seed round using the MVP. Our further development wouldn’t have been possible without it.

Their process included multiple interviews and an iterative approach with design thinking. They were responsive and proactively warned us about delays. We had daily exchanges during the project phase. We built a relationship of trust quickly, so I never felt that they were charging us too much. Our simple contract, which didn’t go into much detail, was based on trust, and it worked out well. I’d work with them again anytime.

It all comes back to their people and founding team. They’re fantastic at what they do, they’re trustworthy, and they keep their promises, all traits that we highly value. They deliver on their promises and to start projects exceptionally quickly. They put together a delivery team in no time. also helped us establish relationships to form our frontend team in Portugal, which was generous of them.

Philip Schoch, Co-Founder & CEO, Apiax

Thank you, Philip.

Daniel, CEO of Altar, Product and Software development company specialising in building MVPs, full custom software development projects & creating UX/UI that is both functional and beautiful
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Altar - What is Saying

Although our website has not yet launched,’s product development and design have fostered successful pre-sales.’s team is composed of excellent leaders that take the initiative in communication and product development. Their team is personable and dedicated to our success. They have scaled their team to our needs throughout the project. has gone above and beyond to build a great product. They remain invested in our success. The team always puts our vision and business goals first.

Alex Oana, Co-Founder & CEO, Audio Test Kitchen

Thank you, Alex.

We are proud that our hard work is paying off, and that we have been featured as B2B Leaders on Clutch. But nothing gives us greater pleasure than seeing our clients thrive. That’s how success is measured at Altar.

Rui Lourenço
Partner & CMO
Rui is a partner and CMO at He’s been dedicated to B2B marketing for his entire professional career. After spending eight years honing his craft at Portugal’s first B2B marketing agency, he joined Altar, where he leads both the marketing and sales department under the same umbrella. His current focus is on business strategy, getting to know Altar’s customers and occasional early-stage strategy discussions with the entrepreneurs we work with.

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