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What is Datahouse

Datahouse is a Data Science company based in Switzerland. Founded in 2005, the team combines data expertise with competence in building innovative web applications. Due to the very varied set of clients and challenges, it works with a broad set of technologies and its team delivers complex projects in the intersection of Data, Application Development and User Experience.


The Need to Augment a Development Team

Datahouse needed help to strengthen their software development force with a dedicated team of developers. They required experience in a very varied set of hard skills ranging from Python, Node and PHP to React. They were also looking for all-important soft skills including great communication, overall willingness to learn and a hands-on, proactive attitude.


A Dedicated Team of Experienced Developers

We used a pre-selected list of candidates alongside our extensive local network to find people who would be the best fit for Datahouse’s needs. For each position, after our screening, we provided the three best candidates who went on to interview with Datahouse. After the interviews, all candidates remained very interested in the position and the top choices soon joined the team.


Zero Staff Turnover

45 days after the start of the process, the initial batch of developers began working with Datahouse. This dedicated team of developers has kept growing, in-line with the growth of Datahouse itself. Both Datahouse and the dedicated team members have expressed high satisfaction, and there has been zero staff turnover since Datahouse began our dedicated team service, over two years ago.

How We Did It

Step One

Dedicated Team Brief

We sat down with Datahouse to discuss and understand their needs. We combined this with our expert advice to create a clear brief.

Step Two

Candidate Screening

We used our pool of pre-selected candidates, and new recommendations, to find the best team for Datahouse. Then we screened for both hard & soft skills using our structured interview process. Finally, we brought the best candidates to Datahouse for them to carry out the final interviews.

Step Three


We worked together with Datahouse to ensure a smooth onboarding process for all members of their dedicated team.

Step Four

Management and Scaling

We work closely with Datahouse to help manage their dedicated team. We also assist Datahouse with the scaling of the team, interviewing and onboarding new candidates as the project requires. helps us to find specialists in different technologies. We have always been very happy with the candidate preselection for each vacancy that was perfectly tailored to our needs. They have a very broad and strong professional network and care about people a lot. Our expectations have definitely been exceeded and we look forward to working with in the future.

Peter Müller – Datahouse

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