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Applying the Startup Mindset to Big Corp & Losing Half Your Your Staff in the Process [CEO Interview]

Making the difficult decision to move away from a traditional corporate structure and transforming a company’s culture to that of a Silicon Valley startup is a huge undertaking. An undertaking that Reed Taussig, an entrepreneur, business leader and VC with over 35 years of experience faced firsthand. He’s spent that…
Rui Lourenço
December 7, 2022
Startup Advice

Busting the ‘Overnight Success’ Myth in Startups

“They came out of nowhere, now they’re making millions… They’re an overnight success!”  I’m sure you’ve heard this before or at the very least something like it.  Publications love to bombard us with stories of entrepreneurs who find instant success. The problem is “instant success” simply doesn’t happen.  Sure the…
Rui Lourenço
November 5, 2021
Startup Advice

7 Dangerous Mistakes to Avoid When Building an MVP

Since we launched in 2015,  my co-founding team and I have had the opportunity to help build over 50 MVPs.  From first-time founders with early-stage startups to seasoned entrepreneurs with multiple projects under their belts, all in a variety of regions across the globe.  Despite the differences in size, location…
Paolo Dotta
October 22, 2021