How is that even possible?
We will build your app fast, on budget and with a world-class team. You may ask “how is that possible?”. The answer is:
A - Structured Process

1 > Product Study

The first step of this immersive journey starts with a dive into your vision. As your team of second time founders, we want to know your project from head to toe. Then we will help you choose the core features you need to get things done and launch the MVP asap.

OUTPUT: Stakeholders Analysis; User Stories

2 > UX / UI

With the scope closed in the previous step the product phase starts immediately. As a team, you are the driver and we are the experts developing the product design in 2 simple steps: UX wireframes, UI mockups. Then you make your revision so we can move to the next phase.

OUTPUT: UX wireframes; UI mockups

3 > Development

We’ve set up a process to ensure we speak the same simple language, talking with our developers is not talking 0s and 1s. The process starts with definition of the tech framework, then we develop the backend structure and as soon as design is closed we start the frontend.

OUTPUT: App Deploy on a test enviroment, Code Repository

4 > The Lift Off

At this stage your app is done but not ready. First you, your friends and family will test it during 1 week. We will fix all the bugs and problems that might arise (if any, not likely to find any). Few weeks from the start your app is ready to take off. Rock on and we’re still here for you!

OUTPUT: App Deploy on a production enviroment, Code Repository

∞ > After Launch

Continuous iterations: If you want to continue with us after launch we suggest to keep the same team that worked with you for further development. We use the agile cycles approach for constant iterations in the product with our eyes always together with you at the most relevant KPIs to grow the project.

OUTPUT: App Deploy on a production enviroment, Code Repository

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1 tiny idea + 1 month = 10k project

B - Seed Program
What is it?

Our Seed program is a purpose-agnostic app with a highly modular microservices architecture composed by a group of components that, when combined, can be the foundation of a project. With the seed in place, project starts with ~50% of the code already done, while we can focus on developing the CORE: custom functionalities and all the interfaces.


Most of the projects have a common ground, a list of functionalities / modules that are always necessary: i.e. email services, signup with email / social networks, recover passwords, email validation fluxes, etc. That is exactly what the seed covers.

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