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Lisbon Office

Junior Developer (IEFP Internship)

Job Description

You will be working across multiple web projects in different fields from fintech to IoT and marketplaces.

Initially, your work will be writing Unit and Integration tests for your allocated project and helping the team on less critical tasks both on the frontend and backend. As your progress, your responsibility will increase, and you will be presented with new technical challenges.

You will have the opportunity to work with industry-standard technologies across different vertices of the software development cycle namely: SaSS (styling), Angular 10 (frontend), Enterprise-Grade Node.js (Express TS), Advanced TypeScript, Docker (containerization of applications), CI/CD pipelines, IaaC (Infrastructure as Code), Kubernetes (Orchestration), Cloud Operations (AWS and Google Cloud), ElasticSearch (centralized logging services), Kibana & LogStash (logging and queries), PostgreSQL and MongoDB (databases), Redis and ETCD (KV Memory Caches), Serverless (AWS Lambda).

A personal mentor from the team will be assigned to support you at all times. You will also attend the team's stand-ups and SCRUM meetings and contribute with production code (under a PR and mentoring schema). Any working experience will be valued and a deep passion to improve your craft is a must.

What We Need From You

Eligibility for an IEFP Internship

You should be eligible for a Portuguese IEFP (Instituto de Emprego e Formação Profissional) Professional Internship program.

Internship Criteria
Learning Ability

It doesn't matter where you studied. We have great developers in our team who came from all sorts of different universities, professional courses and coding academies. What matters to us is your ability to learn.

Knowledge/Working Experience with TypeScript, JavaScript, Python, SCSS, HTML5
Personal Drive to Get Things Finished

We always strive to find a more efficient way to complete our goals – and we expect the same from you. The ability to self-motivate and work to deadlines is a vital skill that you'll need to bring to the table.

Effective Communication Behaviour

We can't complete our business vision alone. That's why we have an open & transparent working culture. The ability to communicate both internally and externally is paramount to your growth and our collective success.

Our Core Values

Humility in Collaboration

Proactive Contribution

Dynamic Can-Do Attitude When Presented With Challenges

What You Get From Us

Life-long Learning & a Top talent Environment

We believe learning is a never-ending journey. With us, you’ll continuously learn in an environment of highly skilled, top talent professionals with decades of combined experience.

A Unique Culture

Everyone talks about a work-life balance; we do it – for two reasons. Firstly, we believe in an environment of happy people. Secondly, even if you’re highly productive, the only way to maintain productivity long-term is by taking time for the things that make you happy.

Redesign What Is Possible

If your mindset is always focused on breaking through and surpassing your limits, tackling a brand new challenge every day in an environment where you constantly learn & grow, then this is the right place for you. We’d love to get to know you better.

A Chance To Shape The Future

We work with business leaders and entrepreneurs to disrupt and push their industries forward. From startup ideas to enterprise-level product & software development, we work together as a team to transform our clients’ ideas into reality.

By the way, if you’re going through this page with your belly full of excitement, we’re just as excited about you.

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