Transform information into intelligence to enhance your business
Advanced Analytics
We develop solutions that extract and transform diffuse data siloed in one or multiple locations and aggregate it to provide you a visible representation so you can interpret it graphically.
Advanced Insights
We extract deep insights from your data. You’ve already got 100 or maybe 10.000 indicators but you lack a coherent picture that can add value to your business. Looking at your insights we deploy machine learning capabilities for effective data mining and clustering. We assess the visible and hidden relationships and give you a much clearer picture of customer behavior.
Proactive intelligence
We employ processes in which the machine learns from select data sources and suggests actions. It can also take automated iterative actions such as a/b testing machine generated hypothesis on marketing campaigns on multiple mediums, online and even offline (yes really!). This way you can enjoy the creative part of the process and leave data processing and action at scale to machines!


Creating a software product can feel overwhelming. We move forward with a time tested process and clear communication.
We believe our clients need visibility on the progress of their projects. That’s why all is crystal clear. You will be able to expect our progress once a week to be deployed where you can see it: In the cloud.
Weekly Check-ins
We provide an open line of communication with a senior partner, a flow of two-way checkups on progress and transparency regarding the work’s progress and billing.


Architecture first, technology last but not least: