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Teezler.com is a social marketplace where participants can request - and give - advice on beauty products, earning credits to receive product samples along the way. The service is the brainchild of New York-based PR specialist Yoko Uchida, who saw a need for more insightful, personalised beauty recommendations for women but needed a product development partner to turn her concept into a reality.

Speed to market

Yoko chose Altar.io as her product
partner, joining us through our 10K
Startup programme. She chose to
partner with a specialist so she could
rapidly test her product idea and get
to market as soon as possible, whilst
having confidence that the output
would be of top quality.

A structured approach to product development

Applying Altar’s proven approach to MVP development, we started with a Product Study:
working with Yoko to scope out the outcomes she wanted to achieve from the service and
the user journeys that would enable the new site to deliver those outcomes.

Upon agreement of the key user journeys and outcomes, we moved on to create the
Product Scope, with user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) designs that showed how
the site would look and work for users. With the outputs of both of these stages agreed, we
moved on to the actual development and testing of the site.

“A key benefit of outsourcing the product design and development work to a specialist team such as Altar.io is speed to market, which is everything when you're trialing a new idea. Also, by partnering with the right team I have saved all the energy, time and money associated with trying to build the best team myself.” Yoko Uchida, Founder of Teezler.com

Ongoing support

Following a successful launch early in
2019, Altar continues to support
Teezler with the ongoing
development and enhancement of
the marketplace, as the site grows
and we collect insight on how people
interact with the site and with each

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