60 Active Marketplace Investors

Looking for Marketplace Investors? Well, I can’t blame you. Marketplaces are here to stay – and constantly evolving. If you look at Uber, Etsy or Airbnb, it’s easy to understand why creating a safe, trustworthy environment between buyers and sellers may be a great business opportunity.

So if you took all the precautionary measures, built your marketplace, and are now looking to scale, go ahead and access this list with 60+ Investors with focus on marketplaces.

There you’ll find all the meaningful information you need to create your wishlist and start pitching.

The list contains:

  • Name
  • Link
  • Investor Type
  • Linkedin Contact
  • Investment Stage
  • Location
  • Country
  • Founding Year
  • # Exits
  • # Investments
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Link to Crunchbase
  • Reference Partner (Institutional)
  • Marketplace Portfolio (Institutional)

Bear in mind, however, according to a DocSend survey, you need to contact an average of just 58 investors, make 40 meetings, and take just 12.5 weeks to close your funding round, so get ready for some work ahead of you.

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From personal experience, I can tell you that the best business opportunities come from personal contacts and introductions. But if you don’t know anyone that can help you, this list may just be what you need to you find the right investor for your marketplace.

Thanks for reading & Good luck!