How it Works

4 simple steps to bring your idea to life in 1 month


The Scope

Let's Dive Together

The first step of this immersive journey starts with a dive into your vision. As your team of second time founders, we want to know your project from head to toe. Then we will help you choose the core features you need to get things done and launch the MVP in 1 month.

OUTPUT: Stakeholders Analysis; User Stories


Product Study

Design with a purpose

With the scope closed in the previous step the product phase starts immediately. As a team, you are the driver and we are the experts developing the product design in 2 simple steps: UX wireframes, UI mockups. Then you make your revision so we can move to the next phase.

OUTPUT: UX wireframes; UI mockups



Code is Poetry

Building a software product can feel overwhelming, and that’s why our engineers and developers exist. We’ve set up a process to ensure we speak the same simple language, talking with our developers is not talking 0s and 1s. The process starts with definition of the tech framework, then we develop the backend structure and as soon as design is closed we start the frontend.

OUTPUT: App Deploy on a test enviroment, Code Repository


Test and Go

The Liftoff

At this stage your app is done but not ready. First you, your friends and family will test it during 1 week. We will fix all the bugs and problems that might arise (if any, not likely to find any). One month from the start your app is ready to take off. Rock on and we’re still here for you!

OUTPUT: App Deploy on a production enviroment, Code Repository

Post Launch (optional)

If you want to continue with us after launch we suggest to keep the same team that worked with you for further development. We use the agile cycles approach for constant iterations in the product with our eyes always together with you in the most relevant KPIs to grow the project.
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FAQ - Frequent Asked Questions

Of course not. We don’t use Wordpress or look-alike. We don’t make copy paste style. We start scratching the architecture and the main models and all comes on top. If you want to prove test our code quality, we are glad to show you examples of our works.
Our developers are great. They have min 5 years of experience. We’ve been sticking together as a team for a long time and done a lot together already.
You can if you want, but it’s not needed. You will be in touch with a Product Manager who will facilitate the whole communication so you don't have to worry with 0’s and 1’s. Instead you can focus in the product quality and the management of your project.
Of course we deliver. The MVP is just a kick off for your software and like we say: “a software is a living organism”. You will have your own Git (code repository) and we will share all the commits from your project in your account.
Of course you can. If you have your own design, that means you have already made a deep product study about your future customers. However, we will always take the chance to advise you in case we think you need a revision on the Product study.
We don’t know. That is what we will find when we first talk. We will be honest with you and tell you straight away if the project is too complex. Most of the times the scenario is no black or white, but a shade of grey. This means you might have a complex software in your head, and we will together try to find the most important part of the software that should be launched and validated first. That will be your MVP and yes 1 month will be enough for our experienced team.
If we don’t respect the deadline? Really unlikely, but just in case we will develop until the delivery from our pocket. 10k are 10k, don’t worry.
Once the development has been fully done, you will have one week to test your product yourself, and make your family and friends testing too. If any problem arise, we will be here to fix it. Of course we are glad to help after the delivery and we can even partner together, after the launch, if we go along well.


Architecture first, technology last but not least.

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